Who is behind Revibe Apparel?

We are students of University of Washington Seattle enrolled in ENTRE 472/473 course "Creating a Company". We band together in this course to pursue our passion on apparel and technology.

What is the return policy?

We are sorry to say that we do not give refund once an order has been placed. But if your purchase has workmanship or technical defects, we will offer free exchange if you notify us within 30 days of purchase.

How to use the SoundWave(TM) feature?

  1. Download the "Soundwave Art" app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app, point your phone's camera to the hoodie graphic and see the magic happens!
Please note that SoundWave app requires internet connection for the scanning functionality to work.

    How do I upload media file if I am using smartphone?

    Click the yellow button "Choose file" and then click the blue button "Choose a local file". Then make your selection in your smartphone file browser.

    Are there any limitation on files that I can upload for Waveformer hoodies?

    You can upload media files as big as 5 GB. However, we recommend that you keep your media files under 5 minutes long.

    We also recommend that you select a 10 second time frame. This selected time frame will be converted into a sound wave graphic and embroidered into your product. If you do not select a time frame, we will use the first 10 seconds for your product. The media file you selected for your product to be replayed will not be cropped into those 10 seconds.

    You can only upload audio that you own, have permission from the creator to use, or created yourself. This means you cannot use audio from popular media like music, movies, games, or online videos :(

    If you wish to select a time frame longer than 10 seconds to be embroidered on your product, do tell us in the notes when you make your purchase! This is not recommended as this will create messier embroidery.