About Us

“When I was young, my parents worked overseas. The day I turned 9, my parents sent me an email with an audio clip wishing me ‘Happy Birthday’. I cherished this memory and it gave me comfort, but as time went by my emails filled up, I struggled to find it”.

This is a true story from a member at ReVibe Apparel, and many people can relate to this experience.

At ReVibe Apparel, we value positivity, nostalgia, and social responsibility. We produce the ONLY scannable custom hoodie in the world! We revive your life experiences and your cherished memories through embedded audio and video files chosen by you!

Also, at ReVibe Apparel, there's something here for everyone. We offer season-themed apparel with recorded scannable soundwaves such as our Comfort Bear Hoodies/Pullovers. Our Reviber hoodies radiate comfort and are a great addition to your wardrobe. Furthermore, the weather-resistant ReVibe laptop sleeves can allow you to protect your laptop in style.

ReVibe Apparel, revive your life experiences one more time!

Our Team

Gabriel Godina Espinoza - Chief Executive Officer

Gabriel is currently studying business, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Sales at the Foster School of Business, University of Washington Seattle. A fluent speaker of English and Spanish, Gabriel competed as a finalist in the National AT&T Sales Competition in Dallas, TX. While interning at DocuSign as a Sales Development Representative, he completed their sales competition in 1st place. Being the CEO of ReVibe, Gabriel will manage the overall operations and resources of the company, oversee major company decisions, and be the main point of contact.


Sam Gong - Chief Marketing Officer

Sam Gong is currently majoring in communication and minoring in entrepreneurship and history at the University of Washington Seattle. An intercultural communicator and a fluent speaker of English and Mandarin Chinese, Sam has more than 5 years of working experience in the broadcasting media industries. As the Senior Radio Host of Chinese Radio Seattle and the Lead Program Host of iQiyi.com’s Auto Talk Show Program, Sam had provided marketing support to Hyundai Motor Company’s launch of its Kona EV onto the Chinese Market in July 2019. Being the CMO, Sam will manage product marketing strategies and media relations.


Karson Jing - Chief Branding Officer

Karson Jing is majoring in psychology and minoring in entrepreneurship at the University of Washington, Seattle. To Karson, a startup company is about envisioning the future and innovating to make a difference. Sometimes,  it is about pioneering into a new territory and providing a solution that fundamentally solves a problem, and other times it is about making marginal improvements in a field that supports the growth of a bigger movement in human society. As the CBO, Karson will develop the ReVibe brand and lead the sales efforts.


Joshua Maza - Chief Designing Officer

Joshua Maza is the Chief Information Officer. He is currently majoring in informatics and minoring in entrepreneurship at the UW. His background in software engineering and web development allows him to spearhead most of the main application development for ReVibe. As CDO, he will ensure ReVibe’s information technology is transparent and safe while streamlining current and future technology to reach ReVibe’s goals.


Aniruddh Saxena - Chief Operating Officer

Aniruddh is currently majoring in Bioengineering and minoring in Applied Math and Entrepreneurship at UW. Aniruddh has previously presented in business case competitions and worked with Bioengineers Without Borders on developing and prototyping an insulin delivery system for disaster areas. He is also the director of strategy and operations for Mental health for Every Adolescent, a student-run organization that promotes conversations about mental health among high school students. As COO, he will manage the day-to-day operations of the ReVibe.


Heidi Tan - Chief Financial Officer

Heidi Tan is currently majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in entrepreneurship at the UW. She has participated in a case competition in the past and has a high interest in continuing the entrepreneur journey. She is currently the director of finance for her sorority and is skilled in effective budgeting, organization, and working in a timely fashion. She will manage the company’s funds, work with suppliers, and raise investments for the company.


Michael Wiem - Chief Technology Officer

Michael Wiem is the Chief Technology Officer of ReVibe Apparel. Currently a computer engineering major with an entrepreneurship minor at UW. As a current member of the Sensors, Energy, and Automation Lab at the UW ECE department, he has experience in tech skills related to new device development. He will manage the company’s product development and maintenance.